Welcome to Massey's Snuggles, a home daycare in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Edna Massey has been caring for children for more than 20 years, and she would be happy to welcome your child into her loving arms as a part of her facility's family.

Massey's Snuggles provides an effective and stimulating educational program. All children are encouraged and praised even for the smallest accomplishments. Age-appropriate, fun activities are offered daily to challenge and build developmental skills and a positive self-image. We provide opportunities for each child to gain practice in language, fine motor skills, large motor skills and self-help skills.


For children, playing is learning. Play is so important because when your child is playing, he or she is learning life skills. Your child can benefit from both self-directed play and structured activities. Self-directed play enhances a child's imagination and creativity, while structured activities focus on skills and concepts needed later on in life. Playing is the most important job preschool children can do to learn their world, and it also prepares them to succeed in school.

Additionally, children should be loved through the kind nurturing of the caregiver. The teamwork of both the parent and teacher is necessary to foster this relationship.

I give you my commitment to constantly seek training to stay on top of new learning techniques and developments for children.


The North Carolina Child Care Commission has adopted the Five Star Rated License effective April 1, 1999. This rating is based on the childcare facility's program standards and education levels. We are a five (5) Star Licensed Center.